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Looking for the perfect creative partner to brainstorm with and plan your upcoming event?


Creative minds and the best furniture at an affordable price!

Or you are simply looking for state of the art furniture for your events; whether it is a wedding, corporate event or even a party, then Chillounge Night furniture event rentals is just the right choice for you.
Chillounge Night is your one-stop top-notch event planner with years of experience in the art of chilling. We are committed to bringing unmatched creativity and a touch of luxury to every aspect of your event. Whether it is a luxurious destination event/party, weddings, corporate events etc, our dynamic team at Chillounge Night is poised to exceed our client’s expectations by creating a “night to remember” for all attendees via the unique transformation of simple outdoor space into a magnificent relaxation lounge.

Event Production

Over the years, Chillounge Night has worked with a vast array of clients with diverse needs and requirements, providing them with the perfect blend of breath-taking designs, efficient logistics planning, and proper execution. We understand that every client has a picture or dream of what their event would look like and we make it our duty to orchestrate every detail with grace and precision. At Chillounge Night, we transform your events (whether personal or corporate) into a deeply memorable experience for both you and your guests. It does not matter what size your target audience may be, we offer individualized services to satisfy every client’s need. From a simple get together for a handful of business partners to a party for a mammoth crowd, Chillounge Night offers seamless event planning and along with our amazing team, your event is sure to be flawless.

Got your event planned and you are simply looking to rent the perfect furniture and accessory to make that special event even more special?

Then our array of furniture options is sure to add a touch of elegance, beauty, comfort and class to all your events, leaving your guests wowed by our careful combination of subtle lighting, unique furniture, as well as our simply outstanding service staff, all fusing together to provide the “Ultimate Cool Outdoor Lounge Experience” for all your events.

Chillounge Night offers truly exquisite furniture rentals for all our clients’ diverse events, ranging from special events, trade shows, weddings, to corporate meetings and much more. We have built our reputation over the years in the hospitality and event industry by repeatedly providing our clients with unique furniture and accessories such as LED lights, Spheres, Battery Operated Spandex Towers, Red Carpets etc at an affordable price. To efficiently meet all our clients’ dynamic needs, Chillounge combines creativity, amazing customer service and an expansive inventory, thus setting us apart as the preferred choice for several brands, companies, and individuals.

Our clients are guaranteed speedy delivery of the best-suited furniture for their events to any location nationwide.

Here at Chillounge Night, we thrive on creating amazing experiences no matter what the occasion. Turn your usual events into an unforgettable experience by leveraging our extensive inventory of next level furniture, custom scenic props, and LED lighting and unique accessories.

Ready to make a masterpiece of your next event? Then our state of the art furniture, as well as our creative event planners, are at your disposal. We would help you plan and deliver the perfect props for an event your guests would continue to talk about for weeks. Chillounge has truly serviced a wide variety of events such as premiers, corporate events, galas, street parties, weddings of every scale, multi-day events etc, and this is why we invite all our prospective clients to come leverage on our years of experience to create an event beyond their wildest imaginations.

It goes without saying that Chillounge is the definition of perfect event furniture and the nation’s leading provider of the best-suited furnishings for the events industry. Seeing as we are committed to giving you an event beyond extraordinary, wouldn’t you rather use Chillounge Night for your next event?
Creative minds and the best furniture at an affordable price!

Must chill

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Must chill


The first time Rainer Scheer put on a massive entertainment block party for 2,000 people, back in Sarasota in 2008, he worked day and night to intricately plan every detail.

But even with obsessive preparation, he made one costly mistake: He forgot to hire security personnel for the VIP tent, so no one stood by to check if people had the special wristband for entry. “People were just walking in for free,” says Scheer.

Making sure to hire VIP security is one of many lessons Scheer has learned in the unique business venture he launched eight years ago, while the recession was just beginning to percolate. The company, and the events it puts on, is Chillounge Night.

Scheer calls each Chillounge night the “ultimate cool outdoor lounge experience.” Each event has an array of music and dance entertainment mixed with oversized lounge chairs and canopy beds, hip lighting and plenty of food and beverages. Scheer makes money off tickets, usually around $20 a person, and sponsorships. “There’s nothing like this around,” he says.

Now Scheer aims to expand the party business outside of Florida, where he has put on 36 Chillounge Night and related events in eight cities statewide since 2008. He seeks outside investors and partners, hoping to raise at least $500,000, which would enable him to put on Chillounge Night parties everywhere from New York to California.

“I would love to find a way to put a show on in Bryant Park in New York City,” says Scheer, a native of Germany who moved to Florida in 2002. “If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.”

Around 98,000 people in total have attended either a Chillounge Night or a more recent addition to the chill lineup, Cirque du Chill, says Scheer. Locations, in addition to Sarasota, have included St. Petersburg, Orlando and Boca Raton. Chillounge Night events, on average, cost about $40,000 to put on, while more complicated Cirque du Chill events can cost at least $80,000. That covers everything from permits to use streets and parks to food and entertainment.

All but three of the 36 events, says Scheer, have been profitable. Yet he says there’s little money left for marketing, which is one way outside investors could help grow the business. He thinks with enough funding, he could do closer to 20 events a year, and create additional themes and formats. More events, Scheer projects, would also help reel in national sponsors.
“The great thing with this outdoor party is that you get to create the atmosphere,” Scheer says. “If we had more money behind this, we can take it really far.”

Scheer started Chillounge Nights on something of a whim, when business stalled at the art gallery he ran on Palm Avenue in downtown Sarasota. Scheer wanted to create a classy, upscale event where people could just chill and relax. He flew to Jakarta, Indonesia, in late 2007 and bought three truckloads’ worth of outdoor lounge gear. His furniture-buying binge cost about $80,000 — an investment Scheer says would have cost at least $300,000 if he bought the goods stateside.

In the early days, Scheer rented Ryder trucks to haul around the furniture. Now he rents three semi-tractor trailer trucks, and he leases a 9,000-square-foot warehouse to store the furniture. “At first some people thought I was crazy, and it was a big risk,” says Scheer. “But I thought, ‘How can you go wrong when you put 2,000 people in the street?’”


Humane Society of Tampa Bay Island Paws Party

Humane Society of Tampa Bay Island Paws Party

Lounge Furniture Event Rental

The humane society of Tampa Bay Island Paws Party was held on Friday 8th at the Newman Home on Davis Island. Chillounge Night event rentals was proud to work with this charity and provide the furniture rental for their wonderfully successful Island Paws Party. What a great group to work with. We provided chic daybeds and unique lounge seating.

For your next event please contact us at 941 448 0995 to help plan your special event furniture needs.

Chillounge comes home – Ticket Sarasota

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Chillounge comes home – Ticket Sarasota


It hasn’t been the best year for Rainer Scheer, owner and originator of Chillounge Night, which began in downtown Sarasota nine years ago. The annual cocktail party and entertainment extravaganza is one of the most exciting events of the year, partially because it’s always outdoors, taking advantage of our cool and mild spring weather.

Assuming, of course, the weather cooperates.

“We had three rainouts, November in St. Pete and February in Ft. Lauderdale, which was rescheduled and rained out again,” explains Scheer. “I begin to see I am in the gambling business.”

Sarasota's 'Chillounge Night' teamed up with The Circus Arts Conservatory and Nock Productions bringing Cirque du Chill – an epic and dynamic circus arts presentation that featured spectacular entertainment by world-renowned circus artists that was unlike any other Chillounge Night experience yet to date benefiting Selby Gardens. (March 28, 2015) (Herald-Tribune staff photo by Thomas Bender)

Despite the troubles, however, he has a few things to look forward to. The rescheduled St. Pete Chillounge went off without a hitch a few weeks ago and the Ft. Lauderdale Chillounge has slated for a third date with destiny in April.

“It’s an outdoor event and we want to give a good experience,” says Scheer. “Fortunately, it’s the best outdoor event in the world when the weather is fine.”

Over the past nine years, Scheer has put on his big party in cities across the state, where he has endured great triumphs and a few washouts, but this year’s Sarasota Chillounge brings with it some great news for fans of the event: This weekend it returns to its original home on Palm Avenue in downtown Sarasota.

After six years of taking over Palm Avenue for Chillounge, Scheer decided in 2014 to move away from downtown due to complaints from a few businesses. He relocated the event to the Westfield Southgate parking lot for two years, then Selby Gardens last year. Both had their advantages and disadvantages, but Scheer always wanted to bring it back to the original location.

(March 5, 2011)--(Sarasota Herald-Tribune Staff Photo by Thomas Bender)--- The fourth annual Chillounge Night was back in Sarasota Saturday evening March 5, 2011, with over a thousand attending the event on Palm Avenue in Downtown Sarasota.

“It’s the birthplace,” says Scheer. “It’s where Chillounge belongs.”

If you’ve never been to Chillounge, you’ll find the streets taken over by multiple truckloads of furniture Scheer bought in Indonesia, including luxurious couches, canopied daybeds and lounge chairs scattered in discrete areas throughout the event. There will be multiple bars, food catered by Cafe L’Europe, and pulsing dance music, all surrounded by downtown buildings, under the stars of a clear (according to weather forecasts) night sky.

That’s ordinarily enough for a great cocktail party, sure, but Chillounge has never been content to merely strive for the ordinary.

Buff male models will carry beautiful people through the party in the annual daybed parade, a fashion show put on by our very own Ana Molinari will take over the catwalk set up in the center of the event and aerialist Alexandra Nock will perform gymnastic feats suspended above the street by a massive helium balloon.

DJ Scotty will spin tunes throughout, along with performances by Mediterranean band Kafkasso (with accompanying belly dancers) and the high-energy soul and funk of InnerCity Energy Band.

The Daybed parade moved down Palm Ave. Saturday evening during the 5th Annual 2012 Chillounge Night in Sarasota. Over a thousand attended the event that included entertainment, a Ana Molinari fashion show, subtle lighting and chic outdoor furniture for chilling. (March, 10, 2012, Herald-Tribune staff photo by Thomas Bender)

You also won’t be able to miss the annual samba parade, led by Phoebe Vecchioni, fresh from Carnival in Brazil. She is invited every year by different samba groups to be a “muse” in the Carnival festivities and provided with elaborate costumes that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, she brings those costumes back with her to wear at events like Chillounge.

With so much going on, Scheer doesn’t want guests to miss anything. He’ll install two massive LED screens at select spots at the party and will stream live video to them, thanks to camera crews that will follow the action wherever it takes place at the party. If you want to get up and dance the samba, great. If you just want to chill on a chaise and watch the screens, you can do that too.

Scheer has endured the worst when it comes to weather, but this week he’s too excited to be too worried, thanks to Chillounge’s return to downtown.

The Sunset Lounge Experience …. An Excellent Hospitality Partner

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For Immediate Release
The Sunset Lounge Experience …. An Excellent Hospitality Partner

Sarasota, FL, February 8, 2016, The Sunset Lounge Experience debuts on St. Petersburg Beach, May 21, 2016. Brought to you by the producers of Chillounge Night, the ultimate outdoor lounge party, the Sunset Lounge Experience promises to be an innovative, tasteful, and exclusive gathering for a very select few.

The Sunset Lounge Experience is the perfect partner for the stylish and sophisticated beach side hotel. It opens the hospitality market to a refreshing concept in either off-market times or peak seasons.

This unique social gathering feels like a private club. Within the enchanting ambiance of the Sunset Lounge, you feel the rhythm and heat of the night as graceful models showcase exquisite fashions while they interact with the guests … let the dazzling art of fire dance captivate … and sway to the beat as the sensual and colorful ladies of Samba provide that extra magical touch. Music to please, with rare chill-out compilations, are played through the night.

Fine dining will be at its best as guests feast on a banquet of culinary delights. This gives the hotel chef and staff the opportunity to provide innovative signature dishes. And no evening is complete without the fine taste of champagne.

The Tradewinds Island Resorts on St. Pete Beach will be the first to offer their idyllic beach setting for the perfect gulf-side affair. Casual chic comes to life here…. Trendy lounge furnishings offer seating for 280 guests. Guests can reserve an intimate private daybed for two or join the mix and mingle crowd in our centrally located SLE lounge seating area. All guests will have reserved seating. Special hotel package deals can be made available.

“I wanted to offer a sophisticated experience to a limited number of guests where they can enjoy a combination of beach, sand, sunset, fine dining and entertainment in a private outdoor VIP club-like setting” said Rainer Scheer, the founder of the dynamic Chillounge Night events and creator of the Sunset Lounge Experience.

The Sunset Lounge Experience… understated elegance… “Be out of the ordinary”. The ideal partner for existing events, your Hotel/Resort, wedding or corporate event planning needs.

“Let the Sunset Journey Begin” “One day the sunset will be yours”


The City of Fort Lauderdale adds a special touch to the Inaugural South Florida Chillounge Night

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“The City of Fort Lauderdale adds a special touch to the Inaugural South Florida Chillounge Night”

Inaugural South Florida Chillounge Night
In recognition of Chillounge Night December 4, 2015, to be held at Huizenga Plaza in Fort Lauderdale, the Mayor and City Commissioners of the City of Fort Lauderdale issued a proclamation recognizing the Inaugural South Florida Chillounge Night, presented by the South Florida BMW Centers, as promising to be the most unique and fascinating outdoor lounge party. The Mayor and City Commissioners further thanked the presenters, organizers, and Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale (our host and benefiting charity) for bringing this exciting event to Fort Lauderdale.

Another Beautiful Chillounge Night Furniture Rental

Another Beautiful Chillounge Night Furniture Rental

Furniture Rental Tampa Bay, Fashion Show furniture, VIP event, Award Event St Petersburg

Furniture Rental Tampa Bay, Fashion Show furniture, VIP event, Award Event St Petersburg

Chillounge Night had the pleasure of providing the lounge furniture for the VIP catwalk at duPont Registry’s 2nd Annual Posh Picks event.  duPont Registy’s headquarters were stunning, the chic fashion show was provided courtesy of Gioffre, and it was great to work with our wonderful Chillounge Night production team partners of Ledpro Events Services and VPN Studios.  Let us help elevate your next event.  We can help make your next corporate or special event sparkle. Please contact us at 941-448-0995

Chillounge Night furniture rental helps developer maintain grand openings for their amenity centers



Chillounge Night furniture rental helps developer maintain grand openings for their amenity centers

Two major residential developments by Metro Development Group (Tampa, FL), Union Park in Wesley Chapel FL, and Waterleaf in Riverview FL, were in need of upscale outdoor furnishings to coincide with the grand openings of their respective amenity centers until their permanent furnishings arrived. Chillounge Night stepped in with long term rentals for each project to help ensure a seamless transition.

With a warehouse filled with chic outdoor furnishings, outdoor lighting, and other equipment, Chillounge Night can help with your furniture rental needs. Whether you are a developer, progressive corporation, or party planner seeking upscale outdoor furnishings for grand openings, a corporate event, fundraiser or other special event, let Chillounge Night help with your planning needs. We have a large selection of lounge furniture, chic daybeds, LED light cubes and more to help accommodate your needs.

See for more information

Herald Tribune: Chillounge’s Cirque du Chill in Sarasota

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Licensed to chill: Chillounge Night channels circus sensibilities


March 29, 2015
Sarasota’s ’Chillounge Night’ teamed up with The Circus Arts Conservatory and Nock Productions bringing Cirque du Chill – an epic and dynamic circus arts presentation that featured spectacular entertainment by world-renowned circus artists that was unlike any other Chillounge Night experience yet to date benefiting Selby Gardens. (March 28, 2015) (Herald-Tribune staff photo by Thomas Bender)

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