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Event Furniture Rental Tampa

Providing clients with quality event furniture rentals has taken us all over the Tampa Bay area. We provide for clients a unique and cool selection of event furniture rental. With warehouses located in Sarasota, Miami and Orland we are able to handle event furniture rentals all over Florida, especially Tampa Bay. Navigate our website or visit our dedicated event furniture rental website to see more.

LED Lounge Furniture Event Rental \ Light up Lounge Furniture and Decor Items.

Event Furniture | LED Lounge Furniture and Decor Items | Aluminum Lounge Furniture | Grass Turf Furniture and Grass Walls | White and Black Leather Furniture

Outdoor Lounge Furniture Rental

Chillounge Night, with the largest inventory of chick event furniture for your upcoming corporate event, VIP events, corporate meetings & trade-shows, weddings or any private event. With warehouse located in Sarasota, Orland and Miami we can supply outdoor lounge furniture for any event located in Florida.

Wicker Lounge Furniture Rental for corporate client on St Pete Beach

Outdoor  Lounge Seating, Tables, & Chairs

Block party downtown Sarasota featuring some of our wicker lounge furniture pieces.

Black Event Furniture

We are excited to share with you all that we just got many different black lounge furniture options available for rent (seating for up to 100 people). Black leather sofas, black arm chairs, black benches, black ghost chairs and black inflatables.

The Black Ghost Chair Rental is booming so we thought we would up our game and add a black ghost chair option to our inventory of products. This chair fits perfectly into every event or public area with beauty and elegance.

You will love everything about it-the classic shape rendered in a modern material, the fact that it takes up zero visual space and allows light to filter right through it. It’s also comfortable and the perfect seat for when guests need a place to sit!


Black Event Furniture

Modern & Contemporary – our black ghost chair is a design statement and its modern PC materials makes it perfect for your upcoming event. The black ghost chair is a famous chair with royal design and modern PC materials. The black ghost chair is a masterpiece created by famous designer Philippe which is a mix of creativity and sturdiness. With seating of up to 100 people you can choose to combine these chairs with our popular lounge furniture or new LED furniture and decor pieces.

High-quality, chic, modern and uber cool furniture/decor rentals for VIP parties, trade shows, corporate parties, weddings, product launches, charity functions and more. Chic collection of South Beach inspired style. We have 3 warehouses located in Sarasota, Orlando and Miami. We are able to serve clients all over Florida.

Block Parties, Street Festivals

Block Parties, Street Festivals

While Chillounge Night produces a number of its own proprietary events throughout Florida, we also focus on working with Downtown Civic and Merchant Associations/Organizations, as well as major property managers to help bring people to the heart of their various shopping districts.  With the increasing use of online marketing, we recognize that merchants and retail property managers need to entice more people into their “backyard” with special events.  We work with a number of Downtown and Merchant Associations, as well as major Property Management Companies to enhance various events that they are organizing for their client base.

Chillounge Night has a wide variety of furniture (from chic lounge furniture to LED furniture) as well as decor items to help make your planned events even more inviting.
Just a few examples of recent services for such organizations include:

• City of Dunedin Mardi Gras, as well as their Wines the Blues Festival (VIP Lounge)

• Dadeland (Merchant Festival in conjunction with our relationship with the local and regional offices of Collier International/CREC)

• VisitTampaBay

With our experience in producing our own events, we recognize that you need team players/vendors that understand your concerns and provide professional service.


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Chillounge Night has teamed up with Copperhead Charities and the PGA’s Valspar Championship to bring its stylish LED furniture line to the Valspar Championship at the Innisbrook Spa & Golf Resort, Palm Harbor, FL from March 18-24, 2019 as part of the Publix ® Chillounge.

Tracy West, President of Copperhead Charities and Tournament Director of the Valspar Championship provided the following statement:

“New to the Valspar Championship, the Publix ® Chillounge will feature an expanded and enhanced multi-themed concession area with a significant increase in seating.  It will be a concession area during play, but at the conclusion of Thursday and Friday’s rounds, the area will morph into a Chillounge, complete with lighted LED furniture, ample adult beverage options and a silent disco – the first of its kind at a PGA TOUR event. 

The Publix® Chillounge gives fans the opportunity to enhance their Valspar Championship experience even after dark.”

Chillounge Night is proud to be part of this wonderful event.  For more information, please go to



The Valspar Championship, the premier PGA Tour golf tournament in the Tampa Bay Area, operated by Copperhead Charities, Inc., has awarded Chillounge Night the opportunity to showcase their dazzling new LED furniture line at the 2019 Valspar Championship to be held at the Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort, Palm Harbor, March 19-24, 2019.
Get your tickets early and visit the “Valspar Chillounge” located at the 5th/8th greens where attendees can relax and enjoy great food while watching their favorite golfers. Chillounge Night offers one of the largest selections of outdoor lounge furniture for rent in Florida. Chillounge Night recently added the new line of LED furniture and decor accessories and is proud to work with the Valspar Championship and Copperhead Charities, Inc. in adding new elements to this very special golf tournament.

For tickets to the Valspar Championship and a schedule of events, please go to:


VIP Lounge Furniture

VIP Lounge Furniture Rental Company

VIP Lounge Furniture Rentals
We are Chillounge Night and we are the experts when it comes to VIP lounge furniture rentals in the Florida market. With clients located in Sarasota, St Pete, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Delray Beach and all throughout the state of Florida.
Most of our clients are looking to create a special area to pamper their VIP guests with an exclusive VIP area. With 3 big warehouses located in Sarasota, Miami and Orlando we can accommodate small to large groupings of up to 200 VIP guests. Some of our VIP lounge furniture items include:
Red Carpet
Lounge Furniture Setups
LED Bars
LED Decor items
LED Sculptures
LED Lighting
Stanchions with Red Ropes
High top tables
Click here to view our entire inventory of VIP Lounge Furniture and let us know if there is something special you would like us to put together for you.

Tailgate Party Rentals


We had a great furniture rental setup for a BUCS tailgate watch party close to the stadium! Did you go to the game? Go Bucs!

We have successfully produced tailgates of all sizes, ranging from just 20 guests up to over 100 guests. Nothing is too basic or sophisticated for us to tackle. Our clients include tailgating rookies, lifelong season ticket holders, groups of visiting team fans, businesses treating clients or employees to a tailgate party experience they are sure to remember. Don’t let our name fool you either..
Every tailgate needs comfy stylish furniture setups. We’ve got you covered. Rent our lounge chairs and tables for your tailgates and your group will have spaces to sit down, hang out and organize tailgating goodies. The best part is you won’t have to haul them to or from your tailgate as you are renting them rather than buying them.

LED Furniture Rental – New Line

Here at Chillounge Night we stay ahead of the curve and have a huge array of LED furniture and decor options to complement all of our event rentals, lighting, lounge furniture. Whether you are trying to just add a little something new and enticing to your event environment or going all out thematically to give your guests a blast of LED fun, we have everything you need.

LED Glow offer you a wide range of illuminating furniture, light up tables,  LED bars, LED sculptures, LED chairs, decorative LED cube, LED balls and light up decoration that are great for any occasion like weddings, birthdays, corporate events, corporate events, festivals and more. Light up your life!
Supplies are limited and demand is high!

Our new container of LED furniture is on it’s way!

LED Event Furniture Rental

Getting the right kind of furniture for the right event can be a daunting task, but when you see LED furniture in an event, it gives you a whole new experience. LED furniture is not just a way to make an environment look incredible, it is functional, low cost and safe to use.

LED furniture will transform any party or event to an unforgettable glowing party!

The use of couches and tables with soothing LED lights coming from them is becoming more and more popular to control the emotions of people. In contrast, putting bright, intense lights for an event will encourage people to go wild and have an awesome time, creating a thriving, popular destination for others.
Using an LED cocktail bar or main bar will give the impression that your event is a hotspot and one of the places to be. Compare this with a normal event and you can see that creating an environment that people want to be a part of is the right business decision.
Plan your next event with our new LED Furniture!