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Chillounge Night provided furniture for Lazydays RV special event Friday, January 16, at Peter O. Knight Airport on Davis Island, Tampa, FL in conjunction with the 2015 Florida RV SuperShow. The new motor homes are spectacular and the principles and staff of Lazydays RV were wonderful to work with. If you have a special event coming up, please let us know about your outdoor lounge furniture rental needs. In addition to chic and stylish furniture, we have special lighting and additional equipment to make your event extra special. For an inventory list of what we have available, please go to our “Rent our Furniture” page. Do not hesitate to call or email us regarding your event. We will make help to make it an “event to remember”!
To get a quote E-mail us at or call Rainer Scheer at 941-448-0995.

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Chillounge returns to St. Pete as upscale, acrobatic Cirque du Chill

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Acrobats soaring overhead on 60-foot-tall poles also will be featured at Cirque du Chill, organized by Rainer Scheer, a former Sarasota gallery owner.

Rainer Scheer’s next event may actually upstage his furniture.

Scheer, the former Sarasota gallery owner who began staging events under the Chillounge banner in 2008, owns an extraordinary collection of outdoor furniture. Stylish and comfortable, it is one of the major attractions of his Chillounge events, upscale outdoor parties featuring food, drink and live entertainment.

Scheer’s couches, chairs and daybeds are set up to create mobile social spaces in which attendees can relax, mingle, socialize and, well, chill.

Saturday night’s event, however, should have guests marveling at something other than Scheer’s design sense.

Billed as Cirque du Chill, the festivities will be the result of Scheer’s collaboration with Sarasota’s Circus Arts Conservatory. The evening will feature Cirque du Soleil-style whimsy and feats of derring-do, including acrobats performing on poles 60 feet high, as well as beneath a helium balloon floating over Straub Park.

And while the crowd oohs, aahs and enjoys the spectacle, Scheer will be going a mile a minute, making sure Chillounge remains chill.

“I’ll be everywhere all night long, seeing that everything is ready to go,” Scheer said. “It will be my masterpiece.”

Cirque du Chill will be the biggest Chillounge event yet. With Chillounge, though, Scheer isn’t known for thinking small.

Scheer conceived the idea in 2008 while he was operating an art gallery in Sarasota. The struggling economy was taking its toll, and Scheer began pondering a new endeavor.

One day, he said, he got tired of “waiting for people to come in” to the gallery and decided to do something “to bring back people into the downtown area of Sarasota.

“I came up with the Chillounge concept in one weekend, the outdoor lounge experience,” he said. “I took a big risk and flew to Indonesia to buy all the furniture.”

Indonesia, he explained, had the furniture he wanted at a price far more affordable than anywhere closer to home.

“The first night people had no idea,” Scheer said. “They thought it was like another Gallery Walk. Then they saw all this furniture together in one area.”

The first Chillounge was in February 2008. Scheer staged his second Chillounge in November of that year in St. Petersburg. Both are now annual events in their seventh year.

Since then, Scheer has staged Chillounge nights in Tampa, Fort Myers, Delray Beach, Orlando and Treasure Island.

Chillounge places the club experience under the stars. Patrons set their own agenda: dance, dine, drink, mingle or relax as the mood strikes.

“You have your friends and you meet new friends,” Scheer said. “Everyone has a good time.”

Somewhat amazingly, Scheer has never had a Chillounge rained out, although one Orlando event had to be postponed because “it was so freaking cold,” Scheer said.

While the event screams upscale, with its luxury item sponsors, the admission price of $25 makes it accessible to the more budget-minded.

“It’s a fair price,” Scheer said. “Come on, if you go to a Bucs game, you’ll spend $20 on parking alone.”

Scheer promsies Cirque du Chill will be “something you’ve never experienced before.”

So will the next Chillounge have to top Cirque du Chill? Scheer isn’t concerned about that, at least not yet.

“I have to take this to the next city,” Scheer said. “I have to take it on the road.

“My dream is to make this the outdoor lounge party,” Scheer said. “I hope one day I can go nationwide.

“It’s a lot of work but it’s a lot of fun,” Scheer said. “It’s my passion.”

In addition to the circus-themed activities, Cirque du Chillounge will feature live music from Kafkasso, the Shawn Brown Band and Mikel Soulhop; a runway fashion show organized and presented by Dona Crowley with Luxe Fashion Group; a fireworks display; and nonstop music from DJ Fresh.

Story from the Tampa Tribune

The Circus Runs Away To Chill in The Burg

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The Circus Runs Away To Chill in The Burg

By now you’ve probably seen the gorgeous elephants in Straub Park. Their names are Snowflake and Nero. They were carved in 2012 by Kumpa Tawornprom for a festival in Sarasota. The pair have traveled to the Burg to experience the premiere outdoor lounge party in Tampa Bay. They will be featured pieces during the Chillounge Event happening this Saturday.
St. Pete is the place the circus runs away to. This Saturday, Chillounge Night returns for its 7th annual event in North Straub Park. This year’s theme, “Cirque du Chill.”

On Saturday night, the Circus Arts Conservatory of Sarasota will perform epic and daring feats of strength, agility, balance and endurance. The artistry of performances mixed with the lavish ornaments that compose the insignia for Chillounge Night will make this unlike any event in St. Pete

What can you expect? Aside from the enigmatic Circus presentation, the event will feature a fashion show, fireworks, live performances by Kafkasso, Mikel Soulhop and the Shawn Brown band. The mis en scene will feature aerialists, a contortionist bending herself beyond belief, a hypnotic juggler, a daredevil and a crew of hand balancers. Luxe Fashion Group will provide an exhibition of high-fashion and elegant accessorizing as well. A few rather wild art pieces may even find a temporary home in the park after the party ends.

The spectacle will feature 60 ft. high towering sway poles which are the highest acrobatic masts currently available. The Wheel of Thrill will be at the epicenter of the event. Joseph Dominic Bauer will walk and run inside and outside of a wheel that rotates 360 degrees on a beam in the sky. While performing this physical triumph, Bauer will juggle torches and even attempt the act while blindfolded. Chillounge Night pulls out all the stops with a 21-ft diameter helium Aerosphere balloon that will rise from behind the event’s main stage. An aerial performer will be latched on performing underneath the balloon that takes nearly 5 hours to fill up!


This is extravagance for two worthy organizations. Chillounge benefits both Creative Clay and The Woodson Museum. The event begins at 6pm on Saturday, November 22, and goes until 11pm. In case you’re concerned about the Florida freeze afflicting your good time at the event, the cold front will dissipate toward the end of the week. Saturday is projected to be a brisk and comfortable 78 degrees.

Tickets to the event are $25 for general admission and $100 for VIP. North Straub Park 400 Bayshore Dr NE.

We want to spread the love and send a few lucky winners to Chillounge Night! That’s why we are giving away 2 pairs of tickets to the event. All you have to do is answer the trivia question below. A winner will be chosen at random on Thursday.

This is event marks the 7th Annual Bert Smith Chillounge Night in St. Pete.

Story from I Love The Burg

7th annual Bert Smith St Pete Chillounge Night, Cirque du Chill

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7th annual Bert Smith St Pete Chillounge Night, Nov 22nd 6pm – 11pm


Cirque du Chill, the new Chillounge Night concept will bring the ultimate outdoor lounge party to spectacular heights, unlike any Chillounge Night experience to date.

Chic outdoor furnishings set the tone for an exciting night of entertainment and thrills. Enjoy fine food and drinks, listen to two live band performances, enjoy a fashion show, awe at the fireworks. Then be prepared to watch, in amazement, as Chillounge Night, in tandem with Pedro Reis, founder of the Circus Arts Conservatory and Nock Productions bring you an amazing line up of daredevil display. In addition to acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, contortionists and the extraordinary hand balancing team of Duo Romanesc, see Joseph Dominick Bauer dazzle on the Wheel of Destiny, be amazed by the special skills performed high above on 60ft towering Sway Poles, the highest acrobatic masts currently available. If you are a fan of “America’s Got Talent” you will see the creation of John Nock’s Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show Act which was seen nationwide on TV. Be part of the guests watching the 21 ft diameter helium balloon rising from behind the stage into the crowd presenting Alexandra Nock floating under the giant ball.

Each stunning performance will be captured live and broadcast onto a state of the art LED Wall using HD Video Streaming and making the performances come alive no matter where you are at this spectacular event. LED Pro Services and VPN Studios will be providing the cutting edge technology to make it all possible.

The St. Petersburg event will benefit again the two local organizations, Creative Clay and The Woodson Museum.

For more information or to purchase tickets, go to

Chillounge Night – licensed to chill!

Cirque Du Chill —  Experience the circus you never did before!

Chillounge Night – the signature South Beach outdoor Party!

Chillounge Night – the coolest outdoor lounge party!


Chilling Out

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mahaffey theater rented the beautiful Chillounge Night Furniture for their Opening Gala



The Mahaffey Theater hosted a Chillounge Night Party on the Plaza (between The Mahaffey Theater and the Salvador Dali Museum) immediately after the Don Henley concert. Free and open to the public, guests were invited to enjoy beer, wine and spirits.

Chillounge Nights in Florida Draw Crowds

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Chillounge Nights in Florida Draw Crowds

ST. PETERSBURG — Furniture to fireworks, Rainer Scheer oversees final planning for Chillounge Night in Straub Park Nov. 20.

Rainer Scheer, founder of Chillounge Night, in North Straub Park along the St. Petersburg waterfront where the event is being held.

Rainer Scheer, founder of Chillounge Night, in North Straub Park along the St. Petersburg waterfront where the event is being held.

It’ll be his 10th Chillounge Night. Held also in Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, Delray Beach and Fort Myers, Chillounges attract people looking to network and mingle in an outdoor setting as they enjoy music, food and drinks.
Crowds exceed 3,000, Scheer said.

It’s a special night out for people who want to go somewhere,” he said. “You can talk and drink.
The popularity of Chillounge Night is proof that avenues exist for entrepreneurs even in a down market. Plus, the events require the assistance of a variety of vendors from public relations firms to pyrotechnics companies.
Scheer, previously owner of Sarasota art gallery Design O’Fresco, was looking for a new avenue when he launched the first Chillounge Night in Sarasota in 2008.
The largest investment, in the “tens of thousands,” was the purchase of furniture to set up outdoor lounge areas. He then obtained approvals from the city and began promoting the event.
The first Chillounge drew a crowd of about 1,900. A St. Petersburg event followed later that year.
The first Tampa event debuted this year near Tampa Theatre downtown. The second Tampa event is scheduled at Curtis Hixon Park April 16.


In an economic downturn, the appeal of Chillounge Night is its perceived value to attendees, said Philip Orsino, chairman of Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant, which has five locations in the Tampa Bay area and Orlando. People are looking for a combination of price, quality and service, Orsino said.

Ceviche has been a vendor at Chillounge events in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota and Orlando for roughly three years and will be the exclusive food vendor at St. Petersburg Chillounge this year. Through its participation, the restaurant has the chance to introduce its fare to a new audience.

Orsino said he supports the effort to bring people to the downtown and waterfront area.
People are looking for affordable ways to network their companies rather than spending money on magazine ads or a billboard, said Ryan Totka, co-founder of RedCarpetMonday, a networking event company based in Winter Park that sometimes “cross-markets” with Chillounge.

RedCarpetMonday networking events take place every two to three months in venues around Orlando, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, attracting between 200 and 250 people.

“When the economy is good, people sit back. In a bad economy, people have to make things happen, meet people who can help their business,” Totka said.

RedCarpetMonday’s model is based on viral marketing through the website, which allows users to create profiles and search profiles by business or industry in addition to name.

The company’s largest source of revenue is sponsors. Per event it has eight to 10 sponsors, such as clothing boutiques and bottled water companies.

Sponsorship is strong at the Chillounge events as well. Sixty have signed on for Nov. 20, the majority providing services in return for promotional consideration. Scheer’s profit depends on ticket sales.
He runs Chillounge Night full time now after closing his gallery last week. “Chillounge Night is taking over,” he said.

Story by: Tampa Bay Times

Return to Romance

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Return to Romance


Chillounge Night, Jon Secada, Return to Romance

Jon Secada under the stars overlooking Sarasota Bay on Valentine’s Day on the grounds of Crosley Estate? It doesn’t get more romantic that this!

A star falls from the sky, lands upon a stage at Powel Crosley Mansion on Valentine’s Day. Your ‘Angel’ sitting next to you, Jon Secada serenades you while the moon’s shadow dances in the distance on Sarasota Bay. A magical, romantic evening is waiting for you on February 14, 2013. Your driver opens the door, beyond the iron gates; a secret garden awaits and you hold the key. Ambient music, angelic voices, sophisticated elegance, experience chic outdoor furniture, soft lighting hanging from the large oak trees, food and drink await your indulgence.

Eager to do special events, the founder of Chilllounge Night; Rainer Scheer set the bar high this Valentine’s Day. ‘Return to Romance’ is a whimsical fairytale like setting old Florida style. Built in 1929 this Mediterranean-Revival style mansion; Powel Crosley Estate will make use of all aspects of the 16 acre property, including the front lawn where the evening begins and eventually ends with romantic sounds by The Lotus Fire ( Playing Flamenco, Tango, Gypsy Swing and Blues, their beats will warm you up for the main concert held on the back lawn over looking the bay.
An event like this will cost in the range of $50-$100K, with all the vendors and behind the scenes,” Scheer tells me. “We have 25 valet, 12 tents and a stage from US Tent Rental, 10 catering stations from Milan Catering, 15 people to run the bars and the list goes on.” They also rely on sponsors like Hyatt Hotel, BMW Sarasota, Venetian Dental, Peroni, Gold & Diamond Source and so many more. Their labor of love is to provide you with the most elegant evening you can have without having to worry about anything other than the one your with.

Helping to keep your worry free Harold Ratzenboeck, Owner/Operator of Skyway Transport has mapped out two convenient locations to pick you up. Marina Jack on US 41 in downtown Sarasota and Bonefish Grille on University Parkway for those in the University Corridor. Transportation to and from the event is an additional $10. per-person round trip includes a glass of champagne for each of the 24 passengers as they settle in.

Each ticket includes food, drink, Proseco bar, entertainment by Jon Secada and The Lotus Fire, ambiance, a rose for the ladies upon arrival, valet parking, red carpet photograph a general admission ticket to Chill Lounge Tampa/St. Pete and an unforgettable evening on the bay. Tickets for rows 1-11 $160.00; rows 12-22 $140.00. Book Online now and reserve your key to this special magical evening. Dress in what makes you feel elegant, sexy and comfortable. There isn’t a better way to spend the most romantic night of the year!

You’re key to unlock the iron gates and your chariot waits at or call 1-888-695-0888 to buy tickets by phone. Sarasota Chill Lounge will take place on March 9th, 2013 along Palm Avenue. Be sure to check the website for information and mark your calendars now.


Story by: Dayle Hoffmann, Creative Minds Exposed

Chill… Lounge… At The 2011 Tampa “Chillounge”

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Chill… Lounge… At The 2011 Tampa “Chillounge”

Every so often there is an event that occurs in various, upscale cities of Florida that brings a refined and majestic atmosphere to all who attend. An area of these towns is transformed into small paradises filled with everything one could need to create lifelong memories of elegance and class. This event is known across the Sunshine State as “Chillounge.” Select cities that have hosted this event include Sarasota, Delray Beach, Fort Myers, Orlando, St. Petersburg and of course, Tampa.

Citizens of the Tampa Bay area can delight in the news that this event is returning for a second time April 16, 2011 at the one and only Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in Downtown Tampa. “Chillounge Night” Founder, Rainer Scheer, and his team will make over Curtis Hixon with hundreds of stylish daybeds, lounge furniture giving a glamorous South Beach feel, countless decorative lights, brilliant sound system, and a stage which will present live music, dancing, a fashion show and even parades. To further compliment the atmosphere of the evening, a spectacular display of fireworks will light up the night sky leaving spectators in fascination.

“Chillounge” has established itself as one of the classiest and most unforgettable events that happens in the year. With its’ first night unveiled in Sarasota back in 2008, the event quickly grew in both reputation and location. Annually being held in 6 cities across the state, locals flock to be one of the lucky guests to have purchased a ticket. VIP Tickets, although limited and quickly sell out, are offered presenting complimentary food, beverages and cigars served in an exclusive VIP Section. Cost for this event starts at $20 for an advanced ticket, $25 at the door and $95 for a VIP Ticket. Required minimum age for attendance is 21 years, but guests who attend this event range from all ages over 21. Don’t miss out on Chillounge, and don’t forget that pictures will be taken on the step-and-repeat!

Story by: 813

Jon Secada sets a romantic date for Sarasota on Feb. 14

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Jon Secada sets a romantic date for Sarasota on Feb. 14

secada-224x300Here’s a rosy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one: Chillounge Night is presenting “Return to Romance,” an outdoor concert featuring Grammy Award-winning singer Jon Secada at Sarasota’s Powel Crosley Estate.

Tickets for the 7 p.m. Feb. 14 show go on sale Nov. 17 (there are 980 tickets available). Priced at $160 and $140, tickets include catered food, a full liquor bar and the concert.

“The experience will be beautiful,” says Rainer Scheer, the Anna Maria-based founder of Chillounge Night. “It’ll be very romantic for couples. The mansion is a beautiful place for this.”

Secada has sold more than 20 million albums since his self-titled English debut in 1992. The platinum-selling album, produced by Miami Sound Machine founder Emilio Estefan Jr., included the Top 5 hit “Just Another Day.”

Born in Havana and raised in Hialeah, Secada was hired as a background singer for Gloria Estefan in the late 1980s; he also co-wrote her 1991 No. 1 hit “Coming Out of the Dark.” It was her first single more than a year after she was critically injured when her tour bus crashed during a snowstorm near Scranton, Pa.

Chillounge Night’s 2013 schedule includes Sarasota (March 9), Tampa (April 6), Treasure Island (April 13), Orlando (May 11) and St. Petersburg (Nov. 23). More information: (888) 695-0888;

Story by: Ticket Sarasota

Chillounge Night, Ultimate Outdoor Lounge Party

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Chillounge Night= “The Ultimate Outdoor Lounge Party”

Chillounge Night, Sarasota, Tampa Events

Chillounge Night, Sarasota, Tampa Events

Chillounge Night, “the ultimate outdoor lounge party”, is coming back to Sarasota and dare I say bigger and better than years past. What started in 2008 as an upscale block party that spanned Palm Avenue downtown, will this year transform the Westfield Southgate Mall parking lot into an outdoor extravaganza.

Chillounge Night Sarasota
March 8th, the “Mardi Gras meets South Beach” inspired event that we’ve come to expect, will again feature chic outdoor lounge furniture, local fare and libations, eclectic entertainment, a swanky fashion show sponsored by Style Magazine and sexy Samba dancers. But with a larger venue comes more opportunity for even more cool factor; there will be a state-of-the art fireworks demonstration, a larger stage and this year’s VIP area is sponsored by Celebrity Cruises Lawn Club Experience. I’m guessing this means even better swag bag goodies, but you’ll have to wait and see. Also new for VIP ticket holders is a special catered menu by Ziti Sarasota and a chance to win a 4 day cruise from Celebrity Cruises ($5 raffle tickets benefits charity).

One of the biggest additions to the event are four options for reserved seating that includes a daybed along the stage/runway, private waiter service, tents or private cabanas. This definitely ups the sexy-cool factor quite a bit.

With so many details to plan and keep track of, you’d expect that Chillounge Night events are manned by a large event planning company; instead, founder Rainer Scheer primarily handles all details with some behind the scenes assistance from long time friend and investment banker, Ralph Radtke. Asked if the events have gotten easier to manage this many years later, “…no, it’s actually more work” says Scheer.

Chillounge-Night-Unique-Sarasota-Profile-Rainer-Sheer-220x165Rainer Scheer
As a former art gallery owner, appreciating and displaying fine things wasn’t new to Scheer but event planning was. He conceived the idea to create “the ultimate in cool” outdoor event after purchasing two semi-trucks of unique outdoor lounge furniture, essentially putting the cart before the horse. His instincts and hard work have opened doors to Chillounge events in Tampa, Orlando and St. Petersburg. His ultimate dream is to do Chillounge events throughout the state and perhaps even internationally.

Sam Davidson
It’s no surprise Chillounge caught the attention of the Westfield brand because there may be the potential to take the event to other mall locations considering that the Chillounge attendees are well within the Westfield Southgate Mall shopper target audience but this is the first time the Southgate location has done an event of this kind. Westfield Southgate Marketing Director Sam Davidson says he’s excited to be a part of , “…taking the best block party and turning it into a world class production…The mall parking lot is like a blank canvas and [like an artist] I’m trusting Rainer to make it great.” Chillounge may very well open the door for Westfield to do similar big events in the future perhaps even bring Chillounge back next year.

Chillounge-Night-Unique-Sarasota-Profile-Westfield-150x160Personally, I’m thrilled to see that Chillounge Night is thriving and expanding. I think we are fortunate to have an event that brings a bit of South Beach flare right here to Sarasota.

What: 7th Annual Chillounge Night presented by BMW of Sarasota, benefits Girls Inc. of Sarasota

Where: Westfield Southgate Mall

When: March 08, 2014 | Doors open 7 p.m. until Midnight

More info: Tickets: $25* in advance, $30 admission at the gate, VIP Tickets $90* (Limited to 250 tickets) Must be 21 years or older to enter Complimentary valet parking will be available.


Story by: Jaszy McAllister, Unique Sarasota