LED Lounge Furniture Rental

LED Lounge Furniture and Decor items for corporate of private parties in the state of Florida. Our main warehouse is located in Sarasota. We LOVE to create experience, please navigate our website to see our HUGE inventory of lounge LED Furniture items. LED Lighting for a corporate event in Tampa, FL LED Branded lounge furniture rental

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Lounge Furniture Rental Bradenton

Planning a party in Bradenton, FL? Our main warehouse is located in Sarasota only a few minutes from Bradenton. Let us help illuminate your party with our LED furniture and lounge sofas… https://youtu.be/Tfdxa350bXA Bradenton Lounge Furniture Rental. Planning an event in Bradenton, FL? let us be a partner to help furnish your private party or corporate event.

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Lounge furniture rental for parties

Thinking about throwing a party and looking for lounge furniture to rent for your upcoming party? Chillounge Night has been in the business of furnishing lounge parties for events ever since we opened our doors in 2009. See below a few of the reasons why clients contact us when looking for lounge furniture to rent for their parties. LOUNGE FURNITURE …

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Sarasota Event Lounge Party Rental

Are you planning an event in Sarasota? Chillounge Night has been in the business of creating experiences for clients all over the state of Florida. Our 3 warehouses located in Sarasota, Orlando and Miami lets us help clients all over the state with the event lounge furniture needs. Our main warehouse is located in Bradenton, only 30 minutes away from Sarasota! SRQ EVENT LOUNGE PARTY …

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Lounge Party Event Rentals

Lounge party furniture rental for the state of Florida. We are proud to have 3 warehouses located in Sarasota, Orlando and Miami and our name, Chillounge Night has always been associated with creating the best outdoor lounge party experiences which helps us in creating experiences our clients love. https://youtu.be/Tfdxa350bXA LOUNGE PARTY EVENT RENTAL TAMPA | LOUNGE PARTY EVENT RENTAL MIAMI …

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Lounge NEON Furniture Rental

This was a huge Lounge NEON corporate event Rental held at the Gaylord Palms. We charged 150 LED Neon furniture and decor items and our client was so pleased and proud not only with our level of customer service and setup times but the final look that we were able to achieve. It was a complete success! LOUNGE NEON FURNITURE RENTAL …

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Corporate Event Rentals Florida

Are you planning a corporate event in Florida? Chillounge Night, a division of Florida Furniture Rental has been in the business of creating and helping clients with their corporate event rentals and production since we opened our doors in 2009. Navigate our website and see why corporate clients love to work with us and use our furniture and decor items …

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Light Up Lounge Furniture Rental

Thank you to our in-house marketing and video team, Ink Graphics Media for helping us capture our light up lounge furniture rental clients in the best light. Chillounge Night has been in the business of helping clients create breathtaking event rental moments with our cool and unique furniture line concepts. We own over 600 items of GLOW light up furniture …

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Lounge Furniture Rentals for events

Lounge corporate furniture rental

Chillounge Night has been in the business of creating and furnishing corporate client’s events with lounge furniture. See below or featured corporate client that utilized a mix of our white lounge leather sofas, LED lounge furniture and GLOW decor items. This was a huge job for us and we were proud to not only provide cool lounge areas for our client …

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Corporate Furniture Rental

Tampa Corporate Event Rentals

Corporate event rentals in Tampa. Chillounge Night has been providing furniture event rentals for clients located in the Tampa Bay Area. Most of our corporate event clients love to mix furniture lines. With 3 warehouses located in Sarasota, Orlando and Miami we are proud to serve our Tampa clients with cool, chic and unique furniture option lines to choose from. …

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