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Glowing Furniture Makes for the Ultimate Party Upgrade

Rent LED-lit benches, chairs and dance floors to give your outdoor gathering a nightclub vibe.
Article by: Kim Doleatto, Sarasota Magazine…

It’s that time of year when the weather sends out a memo: The temperature is perfect, so get your backyard ready for a party, and the preparations might include reserving some glowing furniture. A tad cheesy, perhaps, but glowing furniture is a fun, easy way to bring an instant nightclub vibe to any setting.

Rainer Scheer knows just how to do that. Originally from Germany (did you know Berlin is the nightclub capital of the world?), he’s the founder of Florida Furniture Rental and Chilllounge Night.

Video by in-house video team, Ink Graphics Media Sunset Polo’s White Party featuring our GLOW light up furniture and decor items #Equestrian #FloridaPolo #GCPolo #HorsePolo #InstaPolo #PoloClub #PoloPlayers #PoloTeams #SomosPolo #Sport

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