Super Bowl Furniture Rental

What style of furniture do we recommend? This depends on your event concept. We have worked together with the biggest names in the industry and can offer you the following furniture styles:

Super Bowl LED/Glow Furniture

You can keep our LED/Glow furniture colorful or white. Our LED Glow Furniture & Decor rentals will elevate any social/corporate event, wedding, party or celebration.

Super Bowl Grass Turf Furniture

We offer a wide variety of grass turf covered furniture for your next event. We have a combination of sofas, arm chairs, coffee tables and grass turf event walls to proudly display your brand, sponsor logos or as a breathtaking statement piece.

Super Bowl Lounge Furniture

With 3 warehouses full of wonderful and unique lounge furniture waiting for you. Lounge furniture style tables, sofas, arm chairs and event decor.

Super Bowl White or Black Lounge Furniture

Florida Furniture Rental offers sofa and loveseat rentals for special events. Black or white leather furniture pieces are available.

Super Bowl Aluminum Lounge Furniture

Our new line of aluminum lounge furniture would be a great options for your upcoming Super Bowl party.


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